Cover - Radical Jesus  

Radical Jesus

by Dr. John Vincent

($12.95, (7” X 10”) Paperback, 140 pages)


A straightforward, dramatic, revelatory retelling of the story of Jesus in Mark’s Gospel. Jesus appears exactly as he appeared to his own contemporaries, and to his first followers, as an exceptional, highly original, champion of the values of the poor, developing an alternative faith lifestyle at the bottom of society, and forming a community of followers whom he taught to act with his own freedom and commitment, which he called Kingdom of God. “Radical Jesus” argues that Jesus still today represents a significant and potentially world-changing style and method, whereby real change can be pioneered by groups of committed entrepreneurial disciples, following Jesus’s Way. Our twenty-first century contexts of social, cultural, and political choices evoke Jesus as Alternative, Guru, Master, Blasphemer, Politician, and Journey Downward.