Little Red Church Publishing


Little Red Church Publishing was founded in 2014 by Michael Linnard and Tamara Martin and is based in New London, CT.  This is the latest imprint of Little Red Tree Publishing, founding in 2006, which created a motto “delight, entertain and educate.” They strove to combine their love of quality books with an interest in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, music, art, design, history and photography.  With this new imprint, Little Red Church Publishing, they intend to add to this list: faith based literature.


From the start they defined themselves, consistent with the finest traditions of small independent publishing, as preserving and expanding the dwindling opportunities for previously unknown writers and established writers to publish full-length books of fiction/non-fiction from a faith based perspective.


They passionately believe that well crafted and accessible books should be celebrated and presented as such with conviction and confidence.  




Michael Linnard reflects


What’s in a name:


Little Red Church Publishing is primarily an offshoot and continuation of the Little Red Tree name and continues the history of Little Red Tree Publishing, LLC. We hope that writers from all religions and faiths might find a home with us and allow their books to be represent by Little Red Church.




The philosophy of Little Red Church Publishing is essentially the same as Little Red Tree Publishing. Our guiding principle is to publish stylish, high quality books that, “delight, entertain and educate.” Three simple words that encapsulate and focus all thoughts about the books we produce from first viewing of a manuscript, through design and layout of the book to its final printing.


Little Red Church Publishing logo, a red church with a cross on the top is our attempt to reflect the tradition symbol of a place of worship.



Publishing Goal


Our goal is to publish books that are exciting to look at and are accessible to everyone, combining our desire to educate and our love of quality books with an interest in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, music, art, design, history and photography. Where possible we intend to incorporate the full reading experience, including: foreword, introduction, prologue, notes, glossary, indexes, annexes, plus photos and captions, as well as text, either poetry, photography or prose. The design of the each cover is particularly important and will be a unique entity but stylistically connected to the family of Little Red Tree books. We are enthused about our books, as we hope others will be, to read them and own them as lovely books.