Welcome to Little Red Church. A publishing company specifically created for faith-based books.
Little Red Church Publishing was formed in 2014 by Michael Linnard and Tamara Martin, and is based in New London, CT.
Taking as the motto “Living, breathing, spiritual creativity,” we define ourselves, consistent with the finest traditions of small independent publishing, as preserving and expanding the very real limited opportunities for faith based writers to become published authors in their own right and for their voices to be heard.
We passionately believe that well crafted books of all genres, whether drama, fiction, non-fiction, poetry or politics, should be celebrated and presented as such with conviction and confidence.
“Just as a mirror, which reflects all things, is set in its own container, so too the rational soul is placed in the fragile container of the body. In this way, the body is governed by the soul, and the soul contemplates through faith.” -Hildegard of Bingen